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The volunteers of the Lighthouse

Numerous volunteers are involved with the Lighthouse, in fact, while writing down these lines, we count 175. They come, they go.  Their schedules vary. Whether they work in the Lighthouse, from their home or offer respite services at the families’ home, they all have something in common: Their dedication to the same cause, the one of children wanting to enjoy every second till the end.

Our volunteer resources coordinator introduces us to a few of them. 


Hélène Tassé is one of those shadow volunteers; those that we don’t see much of but without whom we couldn’t function. She’s involved with the Lighthouse since 2005. Hélène has programmed, developed and improved our database. Since, she’s the one adapting it to our needs and helping us in case of problems. She comes to the Lighthouse to train the employees and is always available to offer her support. I cannot tell you how many hours she devotes to us every months… 

Gaëlle Piché

Gaelle Piché is a volunteer with our respite program; she’s been involved with the same family for the past 3 years.  She’s a doctorate student in psychology and a researcher at the Lighthouse. She has, among other things, assist us in the deployment of the respite program in various Québec regions. She met with regional coordinators to share her affection for the young girl she has witnessed growing with an illness. She also contributed in the elaboration of our online training service, presenting the advantages for professionals to become, within a few hours, volunteers of the Lighthouse.


Alex Gauvin: Multidisciplinary, he is a man filled with energy and joy. Always smiling, Alex is everywhere. You want proof? Cuddling a child, making him smile or fly in the air on a Monday evening; he returns on the weekends to give us a helping hand (with a hammer, a brush or a drill) in multiple DIY tasks on the building. Outstanding ambassador, he runs the Scotia bank challenge to represent the Lighthouse and, being a man of heart, he takes this opportunity to raise awareness and get his employer involved with our cause through fund raising activities or discounts on certain equipment.
Where does this magnanimity comes from? Some will say it comes from his long motorcycle ballads, others that it’s his yoga experience… Whatever the source is, we’re glad because it’s endless. 


Our volunteers are everywhere. Some work from home and we have very few occasions to see them. However, their contribution is important, not to say vital. Bernadette Blain is one of them. Volunteer for the communication department for the past 3 years, her translations enable us to reach the English-speaking community (Families, donators and partners). Bernadette completed the translation of our entire web site (The english version will be available promptly), which represents an enormous task. She also participates in the translations of our newsletters since its first release.


A very special thank you to all the volunteers of the Lighthouse. Whether they work with children, in the administration, at the reception, in the kitchen, in the garden or participate in our fundraising activities, every single one of them is a treasure for the Lighthouse! 

To become a volunteer at your turn: