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Martin Caron and Investors Group support the Lighthouse since almost 15 years!

When we went knocking on the Investors Group door shortly after the creation of the Lighthouse Children and Families in 1999, we had no idea that our union would last so many years. By raising the Investors Group employees’ awareness to the cause of the children of the Lighthouse, it’s an amazing complicity that was built through the determination of the general Marketing director, Martin Caron, who is today a committed ally of the Lighthouse.

‘’ It’s a cause that touched to us. A cause that is unfortunately not known enough and that is in real need of help. We thought it would be interesting to think outside the box’’ says Martin Caron, head of the Gens de Coeur program at Investors Group.

Organizing activities for the benefit of causes, it’s part of Martin Caron’s business plan. Since 2000, he’s involved in a fundraising activity for the Lighthouse that reaches over 2 700 employees of the Investors Group on the occasion of a special performance of the Nutcracker (Les Grans Ballets canadiens). For every ticket sold, $2 is given to the Lighthouse. This initiative has been carried on since, raising between $5 000 and $7 000 for the children of the Lighthouse. The Investors Group’s Nutcracker has become a classic in the financing activities of the organization. Some years, children of the Lighthouse also have the opportunity to attend this magical representation.

To the Nutcracker, are added several other initiatives of the Investors Group. Un bon élan! is a new campaign that allows the Lighthouse to raise $0, 25 per each participation form received on the occasion of a contest launched for the Group’s clientele of golfers.  The prize: A week-long trip for 2 to the prestigious Masters Tournament of Augusta, in Georgia. This activity started 6 years ago, but 2012 was the first year the Group dedicated the funds to the Lighthouse, we received an amount of 4 000$.

Martin Caron also initiated Les Canadiens de Montréal d’un jour, a family activity addressed to clients and guests of the Investors Group counsellors. The participants, whatever their age, are invited to discover the Bell Centre, to skate on the ice where the Canadiens play and to visit the Hall of fame. They also get to chance to meet Youpi and a few retired Montreal Canadiens players. 2013 was the first year this event’s funds were dedicated to the Lighthouse. In addition to the great visibility this activity brings to our organisation, we have raised 5 500$ for the Lighthouse.

The help received from the companies is primordial to enable the Lighthouse to pursuit its mission with the children and families in great need of our help. We asked Martin Caron what needed to be done to help an organization such as the Lighthouse. For him, the knowledge of an organization and its collaborators is essential to mobilize people around a fundraising activity. ‘’You have to go visit the facilities’’ he says. When he began to get involved with the Lighthouse, he had already heard about us through one of his colleagues and knew the benefits. But it’s when he came for a visit of our facilities, at the grand opening of the André-Gratton House that he understood: ‘’I visited the house for the first time when it was empty and I was impressed. When I came back to visit again, it was full of children and it knocked me sideways. That’s when I understood why the house existed.’’

In addition to the numerous events the Investors Group throws for the Lighthouse, an annual collect is organized within its employees. It is also important to note that all the funding activities organized by Investors require very little involvement from the Lighthouse, which allows us to devote our resources to other fundraising activities.

The Lighthouse Children and Families takes care of seriously ill children. We THANK Martin Caron and The Investors Group for taking care of us!


To support the Lighthouse as well or to involve your company in our fundraising activities, visit or communicate with Marine Bonnell, fundraising officer at or 514 787-5091.