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Volunteers, vectors of happiness and comfort

The Lighthouse Children and Families, who aims to welcome children and families who need its services in the warmest way, relies on kind-hearted people: volunteers!

From April 15 to 21st, National Volunteer Week 2018 emphasized the importance of paying tribute to volunteers in their plurality, with the theme: "I volunteer, you volunteer, let's combine our volunteerism!".

Being a volunteer at the Lighthouse means giving time to sick children to promote their well-being and entertainment. It means being attentive to the needs of children and families, but also being attentive to the needs of teams working with kids.

They are exemplary, and often extraordinary: their involvement and application to the mission of the Lighthouse is unequivocal. Their soothing or energizing presence is a major asset in the course of children's stays and families’ respite. They are real partners of the animation team, and each of them brings their touch, their color and we could even go so far as to say, their magic!

They are needed and present in a variety of ways and for many reasons: to have fun and share it, to participate in our cause, to broaden their horizons, to learn about themselves and others, and ultimately to contribute fully to the well-being of children and parents who badly need it.

Their adaptability, driven by the sensitivity of each and everyone, allows them to communicate and exploit a multitude of beautiful skills that are as varied as complementary. From the hand held and caressed with tenderness, to the explosion of laughter during an artistic or musical activity, through the pursuit race or the simple relaxing stroll in the corridors, volunteers contribute fully to the pleasure and comfort of the children of the Lighthouse.

They are at the heart of the action and real hearts themselves because volunteers embody today, more than ever, a large part of the vibrant community that is the Lighthouse. Putting their shoulders to the wheel on a daily basis, they are vital forces through which the most conducive winds arrive. It is in recognition of this important societal role that former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown had designated a full year as Volunteer Year, recalling that "through their ability to innovate, try new things, cross new frontiers ... volunteers and charities often change the way we see and do things. "*

Long live the volunteers of The Lighthouse Children and Families!

Élodie Buob, M. Sc.
Special education
Coordinator of “Milieu de Vie”


* Original Quote: " Through their capacity to innovate, to do new things, to break new ground, to cross new frontiers… volunteers and voluntary organisations often change the way we see things and do things ", by Gordon Brown, January 31, 2005 ).