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Testimonials - My Birthday as a Gift

Here are the two latest video capsules (“Share the Wealth” and “The Gift of Giving”) that were produced to recognize the generous individuals who donate their birthday to the children of the Lighthouse through My Birthday As A Gift.

 Share the Wealth

 The Gift of Giving

The Lighthouse’s funding campaign, MY BIRTHDAY AS A GIFT, is an opportunity for individuals to ask their loved ones to donate to the organization rather than receiving a traditional birthday gift. You would like to be part of this big adventure? Visit and give your birthday as a gift!



November is also the Lighthouse, Children and Families’ 15th anniversary. Throughout the years, we’ve had the tremendous opportunity to help sick children by providing respite services and complex care.

Thank you to all of the precious donors who make it possible for the Lighthouse to help sick children and their families!


Editorial: Lighthouse, Children and Families
Translation: Bernadette Blain, volunteer translator for the Lighthouse, Children and Families