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A Renewed Leadership Team at the Head of The Lighthouse

With its 20th anniversary, The Lighthouse turns to the future by mobilizing the expertise developed by its professional team and participating to the advancement of cutting-edge practices in the field of pediatric palliative care.   

Proud to build a solid leadership pipeline, the Board of Directors recently nominated Lyne St-Martin as Executive Director, and Adam Mongodin as Assistant Executive Director. Their mission is clear: to provide better accessibility to pediatric palliative care, contribute to skills development and stimulate human and financial solidarity towards the cause. 

Experienced leaders within the healthcare sector, the duo is actively listening to families and the care and services team of The Lighthouse. Through their mandate, they will develop strong clinical, research and teaching partnerships. In close collaboration with those who make the Lighthouse a vibrant and compassionate organization, this renewed leadership team is already working to consolidate the essential activities that will ensure the sustainability and the growth of the first community-based pediatric palliative care organization in Quebec.

  • Ms. Lyne St-Martin, Executive Director, and Mr. Adam Mongodin, Assitant Executive Director