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Promoting the Lighthouse in the Community

Just like grandparents in the heart of a family, the Lighthouse Grandparents Circle offers a warm presence by acting as Lighthouse Children and Families ambassadors in the community.

The Lighthouse Grandparents Circle was created in 2016. Its goal is to make the Lighthouse known to people 55 years of age and older so that they can contribute to its mission through giving advice, volunteering, donating, or just helping promote the Lighthouse.

"The Lighthouse Grandparents Circle is a think tank to promote the Lighthouse. Many hear about the Lighthouse without really knowing what it is. We need to create opportunities to publicize the cause to find new ambassadors ", explains Pierre Duceppe, one of the first members of the Circle.

The Circle organizes the "I discover the Lighthouse" events, which have so far allowed a hundred people or so to visit the Lighthouse for the first time and learn more about its mission, its activities and its sources of funding.

The committee also organized, under the direction of two of its members, Rémi Gagnon and Pierre Duceppe, a play that raised $ 14,565 for the cause. Quite a feat!

As proud ambassadors, members of the Lighthouse Circle of Grandparents have the opportunity to get involved either as a volunteer with children, through financial support, or to help find partners in goods and services, to ensure the Lighthouse’s longevity, the first pediatric palliative care hospice in Quebec.