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New Talent Joins The Lighthouse’s Team

The Lighthouse is delighted to welcome Dr Claude Baillargeon! Bringing more than 25 years of experience to the team, he brings with him sought-after expertise, a wealth of knowledge, a breath of energy and an extraordinary sense of camaraderie. Generous of his time and attention, Dr Baillargeon shares his thoughts and vision for offering the best pediatric palliative care in the buzzing environment of the Lighthouse.  

Dr Baillargeon’s career path brought him to work in different areas before his contact with palliative care at the Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal (CHUM). Before being exposed to profound distress, such as that of parents who leave behind young orphans, Dr Baillargeon never thought that he would be able to face anguish and pain of the sort. However, he realised that with experience and collegial work integrating the expertise and talent of colleagues, it’s possible to bring someone through to the end of life with dignity and comfort, with the best palliative care. It is that career path, rich with teachings and learnings, that gave Dr Baillargeon the confidence to take on another challenge of the heart: pediatric palliative care.  

When asked, Dr Baillargeon points to another experience that anchors his path quite deeply. For 20 years, he worked with Innu communities at the Centre de Santé de la Minganie, in Havre-St-Pierre on the Quebec North Shore. When he heard a saying at the Lighthouse, he smiled with reassurance: “It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes that village to accompany him to the end of life, and to help his family stand strong through it all”. For Dr Baillargeon, humans are relational in nature. They make sense of things by establishing connections with their whole community. “The ties we build are care in itself”, says Dr Baillargeon to illustrate his vision. 

Active within his community since he started working as a doctor, he has always shown much sensitivity and he continues to do so as he takes on new opportunities, such as working with families of children with orphan diseases through the organisation Les Enfants de GIOIA.  

All this goes to show that Dr Baillargeon comes to the Lighthouse with much contribute and to share. He says his heart is with collaborative approaches, which is why he found his way to the Lighthouse with such enthusiasm.  He joins with a sense of appreciation for the community and a strong will to help children with life-shorting diseases and their family members, with the whole team and all the friends of the Lighthouse. With Dr Baillargeon on board, the Lighthouse is already shining stronger.