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My birthday as a gift: an initiative open to everyone

Each month, My birthday as a gift campaign get an extra boost from HUMAGO, which share the monthly profiles of those who so generously gift their special day to The Lighthouse Children and Families. Here are our headliners from the last few months:

Sylvie Fréchette


Sally Folk


Les jumelles Barabé


Monique Giroux


Article  –  vidéo


Patrick Langlois


Anyone can give their birthday as a gift to The Lighthouse children and Families. Catherine and Katherina share their stories :

Catherine                                                               Katrina et Nikolas

Thanks to Blue Storm Média for creating the web videos of My birthday as a Gift participants.

My birthday as a gift is The Lighthouse’s fundraising campaign for the general public. It’s simple: just ask your loved ones to celebrate your birthday by making a donation to the Lighthouse. A gift that is so much more meaningful than any item or night out.