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My Birthday as a Gift

The annual My Birthday as a Gift fundraiser is a unique and fun way to give to The Lighthouse, Children and Families.

The idea is simple. Instead of gifts or taking you out to dinner, your friends and family can make a donation to the Lighthouse on your behalf. My Birthday as a Gift is the only concept of its kind in Quebec.



“I was born on Christmas day, so I’ve always shared my birthday with others, which is why I gave my birthday as a gift to the Lighthouse. This year I decided that I would choose how, and with whom I would share my birthday. For all of those who want to spoil me on my special day, please go to my page on the campaign’s website and make a donation. This message goes out to my family, friends, students, parents, colleagues and everyone else I know! I set the goal high, but I know we can reach it :) Thank you for your generosity!”

With the help of her extended network and the original video she produced, Emmanuelle raised $1,475 for the Lighthouse.


MATHIEU, aged 1

“This morning I have cold, but with some of vitamin C, I’ll be back on my feet in no time. Unfortunately, some kids aren’t as lucky as I am... They won’t get better. Ultimately, I really don’t need that much, which is why I chose to give my birthday as a gift and make a difference. You can celebrate my first birthday with your love, presence and beautiful drawings, but if you want to give me more, please make a donation on my behalf to the Lighthouse, whose children truly need your generosity. It can change their lives. On behalf of them, thank you very much. Mathieu xxx”

With the help of his parents, Mathieu raised 125$ for children who aren’t as fortunate as he is.



“The first time I heard about the Lighthouse I was on my way to work, and it’s been on my mind ever since. Christmas always makes me nostalgic, because I miss my Stephanie so much. She passed away 5 years ago. That’s why I decided to do things differently this year and donated our Christmas to the Lighthouse. Please follow my lead, and give generously, to make this Christmas magic for the angels of the Lighthouse.”

The Robert-Perreault family raised $500 to help very sick children enjoy their life to the fullest.



“When I started working for the Lighthouse, my life changed once I walked into the Family Suite. It’s divided in two private bedrooms that are separated by a bathroom. The first room is reserved for children who’ve reached the end of their life. The second room is for families who want to stay with their little angel in their final days. Both rooms are equipped with lift systems to carry the children.

I asked my colleague if the parents’ room was equipped with a lift system in case we ever needed the room for other sick children. Her answer still brings tears to my eyes. She told me that because these children couldn’t jump into bed with their parents at home due to their medical condition, the lift system in their parent’s room at the Lighthouse was an opportunity for them to cuddle one last time, in a king sized bed.”

My girlfriend and I often agreed that our bed was off limits to our children, Xavier and Maxence. All of a sudden I felt lousy. Things changed at home, and my children are now always welcome to hop into bed with us, because we are blessed with an opportunity that I took for granted.

Because I have everything that a guy can dream of, you can help me by giving to parents who don’t have my luck, and who only want to cuddle with their children one last time.” 

Jean-François first aimed to raise $2,500 for the Lighthouse. Once he reached that amount, he pledged to double it. In the end, he raised $9,640 for the Lighthouse, Children and Families.


Your Birthday as a Gift in 4 Easy Steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Create a page and share it with your friends and family who can donate online 
  3. Complete the form with your contact information
  4. Select your age group (you can also donate your Christmas, wedding anniversary or any other milestone)

All donations directly go to The Lighthouse, Children and Families.