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Mother's Day at The Lighthouse

Mother's Day gives the opportunity to many children to pay special attention to their mothers. Often, they create a gift with a great effort and care.

At The Lighthouse Children and Families, children regularly participate in artistic activities. Mother's Day is a special time during which the children are invited to make something specific that symbolizes the love they have for their mother. Since most of the time, children at The Lighthouse can’t express their affection verbally, they show it in a thousand and one other forms.

Crafts and artistic activities are designed and organized in such a way that each friend of The Lighthouse can participate in his or her own way by developing an object such as a pictorial creation through a collage, or a trace of any other artistic expression. In addition to developing children's fine motor skills, artistic creation helps them develop their imagination. It allows them to open their minds to art and to be stimulated, both by touch and by sight, through different materials and techniques.

All the children's achievements are an integral part of a programme developed at The Lighthouse: Cultivating Memory. The programme's activities are based on attentive listening, on a particular attention to developing memory, but also on the desire to create a present, pleasant and authentic moment for the child and the family. The objects produced, modified or simply touched by the child are thus full of meaning and convey a story. They become real treasures, which will become even more valuable over time, when the child is no longer present.

Since most of the children at The Lighthouse will not have enough time to create and build their trace in the world on their own, The Lighthouse’s team takes advantage of every moment, like Mother's Day, to help them build their identity and help each family to preserve their memory. It is about celebrating life in its most cherished form.