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The mobile Snoezelen and its benefits

As soon as The Maison André-Gratton opened its doors in 2007, The Lighthouse arranged for the setting up of a  a Snoezelen, a multisensory room specifically designed to stimulate the senses and experience a new universe of sounds, visual effects and tactile objects.

In 2011, The Lighthouse acquired a mobile Snoezelen unit, an essential element in helping to care for children who are not mobile enough to be taken to the multisensory room. This equipment enables us to help children in end-of-life care, as well as those in preventive isolation or who are bed-ridden because they are too frail. The Snoezelen gives them  access to a world of unique sensory experiences. With its sound and light games, mirrors, bubble tubes and fiber optics, this unit is an invaluable tool in stimulating children’s senses, particularly those with intellectual or physical disorders. Sick children can thus enjoy magical moments and have fun every day, right up until the very end of their lives.


« Although he is almost blind, Renaud, aged 6, moves restlessly during his nap and has to lie down in a net-equipped safety bed.  Unable to sleep, he slaps himself in a repetitive self-stimulation until his cheeks turn scarlet.  While I am setting up the Snoezelen’s projector, the image plays on the child’s body and I notice that he is focusing on the light source with a smile. He has stopped slapping himself and calmly stares, opened mouth, at the light with an almost ecstatic expression or he starts to laugh and chuck with joy. The stimulation of Renaud’s almost non-existant  senses and his obvious happiness allowed both of us to experience a magical moment of pure joy.»

Testimony of Gaëtan Desombre, animator at The Lighthouse, 2007 to 2013.

  • Stimulation multisensorielle au Phare Enfants et Familles