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The Lighthouse offers ongoing training to its volunteers

The summer of 2018 was all about heat, but that did not stop the Lighthouse’s wonderful volunteers from attending various workshops offered. Thus, they were able to meet during three « cafés-rencontres » and three training sessions.


The first café-rencontre hosted around the theme of understanding neurological and epileptic manifestations took place in July. During the session, Emeri Inoué, our Liaison Nurse, demystified epileptic manifestations so that volunteers would feel more comfortable with children who are likely to have them.

Two other cafés-rencontres about the accompaniment of the child at the end of life, and its family took place in August. The sessions were presented by Antoinette Petti (Palliative Care Nurse and Bereavement Consultant) and Marion Onno (Social Worker). During these meetings, the volunteers were able to discuss the experiences they have already experienced or that they anticipate living at the Lighthouse.


The "One-to-One Specialized Accompaniment" training, facilitated by Élodie Buob, coordinator and specialized training educator, aimed to introduce strategies for behavior management and to present approaches and tools to meet the specific needs of children.

The "Cultivate Memory" training, also led by Élodie, aimed to present the activities related to the program and put into practice some of them, including the casting technique. Volunteers trained in this way are invaluable helpers, and can contribute to the implementation of the activities to create memories, and hold an even more successful role in the accompaniment of families.

To finish the summer, a training session on swimming pool support was offered by Élodie and Sebastian Estevan, beneficiary attendant and health and safety trainer, to enable children to benefit from the swimming sessions offered at the Lighthouse. Various activities and possible stimulations in the aquatic environment were explained, as well as the principles of safe movement and transfer of children in the pool.


These different trainings, offered in addition to the initial training by Child Life Program coordinators, Christine Tran and Élodie Buob, offer different times of exchange and learning to develop and consolidate the achievements of volunteers, but also to open new perspectives of action and understanding of the Lighthouse environment.