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The Lighthouse Hosts Activities for Siblings

At the end of 2017, three activities took place for siblings at The Lighthouse Children and Families. Beyond the accompaniment and care provided to children of The Lighthouse and their parents, the consideration and support of their brothers and sisters are also essential.

In partnership with the animation-education team, the psychosocial team organized activities to allow brothers and sisters to share moments together by creating a space entirely dedicated to them. They were invited to take part in different activities: a karate session with Mohamed Jelassi of ADAMA, and two visits of the Seyrawin Dragonmen.

The first part of the karate activity was facilitated by the psychosocial team, and aimed to establish relationships between the young participants. During the second part, through the practice of karate, Mohamed tackled the notions of self-esteem, perseverance, mutual aid and letting go. The kids were somewhat impressed when they first met the Sensei, but as the activity went on they became more confident and could express and find themselves.

Then came the activities with Martial Grise and Maryse Pépin, The Seyrawin Dragonmen. Their presentation allowed the discovery of a medieval universe, and stories related to the creation, life and significance of various dragons. The immersion in this fantastic universe, and the parallels made between the characteristics of the dragons and the strengths of the children, had the young participants discover or simply affirm some of their social and emotional skills. The children were also able to participate in a drawing contest for the "adoption of a dragon egg".

During these activities parents were invited to stay at The Lighthouse and could also find a place for relaxation and discussion.

The Seyrawin Dragonmen came back after Christmas with a special guest, Nicolas Noël, who told us his story and proceeded to the delivery of dragon eggs to the children who had taken part in the contest. This evening was filled with magic and allowed the transmission of beautiful messages. By appealing to the imaginary to identify strengths and potentials, The Seyrawin Dragonmen created a new kind of intervention with the siblings.

These activities were beautiful moments of meetings and sharing. Other activities are planned for the year 2018.

Elodie Buob
Animation Education Team