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The Lighthouse, Children and Families Welcomes a New Director General, Mrs. Johanne Desrochers

The Board of Directors is proud to announce that Mrs. Johanne Desrochers was appointed Director General on November 3d.

Mrs. Desrochers has a Bachelor’s in Nursing from the University of Calgary and Master’s in Health Administration from the University of Montreal. Until her appointment, she was Associate Director of a paediatric telehealth for northern Aboriginal communities (implemented by the McGill University Hospital Centre) and Co-Chair of the RUIS McGill telehealth program.

Throughout her career, she attended a number of conferences and published several papers on telehealth and health service management.

As Senior Manager for many years, Mrs. Desrochers acquired extensive experience in clinical administration, working notably at the Royal Victoria, Notre‐Dame, Shriners and Alberta Children’s Hospital.

We take this opportunity to welcome Mrs. Desrochers and wish her much success in her new position at the Lighthouse, Children and Families.


Editorial: Lighthouse, Children and Families
Translation: Bernadette Blain, volunteer translator for the Lighthouse, Children and Families 

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