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La Face cachée des étoiles

Among the many services The Lighthouse offers families is Cultiver la mémoire, a program designed to create a lasting memory of the terminally ill child through a special experience shared with the whole family. La face cachée des étoiles is part of that program. It’s a way of offering The Lighthouse children and their families an amazing adventure— one that lets a sick child become someone else for a short while and live out their dreams and fantasies. Using a little photomontage magic, this unique project makes the impossible possible, allowing children to travel through a fantasy land without limits, suffering, or sickness—a place where anything is possible. La face cachée des étoiles offers The Lighthouse children a spellbinding experience that taps into their passion and creativity to allow them to embark on an imaginative journey to live out their wildest dreams. It also leaves families with a timeless keepsake of their child and the things he or she loved.

This unique, unifying project was created in 2009 with a view to transforming the often negative perceptions people have of those who don’t meet social norms and are somewhat marginalized from society. The project provides a platform for children who, despite their illness, have never stopped dreaming. With La face cachée des étoiles, children can use their imagination to create funny, moving stories—to dream big dreams and explore untapped passions.

Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, this year The Lighthouse was able to offer this amazing adventure for the third time. The Lighthouse team, children, and families wish to express their deepest gratitude for this wonderful gift.

Credit : Caméléons (Geneviève Guénette and Marise Vitti)


Text by: Courtesy of Mélanie Dugré

Translation by: Courtesy of Anglocom