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Kind-Hearted Volunteers

The Lighthouse relies on a team of outstanding volunteers. This fall, three members of The Lighthouse Grandparents’ Circle have had great successes that deserve to be shared.

Francine Tousignant Named Volunteer of the Year 2017

The traditional Rosemont Volunteer Tribute Evening was held on October 11th. This annual event celebrates the contribution of dozens of individuals who work to improve the borough's quality of life. Francine Tousignant, volunteer at The Lighthouse, was awarded the Volunteer of the Year Award by Mr. Jean-François Lisée, Member for Rosemont. Mrs. Tousignant has been giving her time to children since 2009. She is one of the first people to get involved at The Lighthouse. Her assiduity, versatility and smile make her a volunteer we couldn’t do without. 

Two Volunteers Raise Nearly $15,000

On October 15th, 2017, Rémi Gagnon and Pierre Duceppe presented the fruit of their meritorious work: a play for the benefit of The Lighthouse. “Grace and Gloria”, presented at Jean-Eudes College, explored the end of life with humor, delicacy and sensitivity. The event was a great success. A total of $14,455 was raised through ticket sales and a fundraiser.

A Special Thanks to the Grandparents’ Circle

Mrs. Tousignant, Mr. Gagnon and Mr. Duceppe are part of The Lighthouse Grandparents’ Circle, a project born in 2016, to make The Lighthouse known to people 55 and over so they too can contribute to its mission through donations, volunteering, or raising awareness around them. A warm “thank you” to the members of the Grandparents’ Circle for their great involvement!

  • Francine Tousignant
  • Pierre Duceppe, Michèle Viau-Chagnon & Rémi Gagnon