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Invaluable partners who increase the Lighthouse’s visibility

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our loyal partners, The Lighthouse’s visibility continued to increase this year, ensuring us a strong media presence. This year, the monetary value of the visibility generously provided by our partners is estimated at $901,775.

The My Birthday as a Gift ad campaign was the main beneficiary of partner contributions, generating $861,196 worth of donated goods and services, primarily in the form of advertising on major TV channels, in print and online newspapers, in movie theatres, on major indoor and outdoor ad networks and more recently, on leading radio stations.

The Lighthouse would like to thank  BCP, Bell Média, Groupe TVA, Pattison Affichage, Société Radio-Canada, RDS, Canal D, Cogeco, Communication Voir, Corus, Groupe Serdy, Le Devoir, Le Journal de Montréal, Newad, Télé-Québec, AOL Canada, ARTV, Les cinémas Beaubien et du Parc, Groupe Lettra, Magazine Panache, Mediative, MétéoMédia, Mixte Média, MusiquePlus/MusiMax, Vision globale and V Montréal for disseminating these ads.

Thanks to Zip Communication, Michèle Sirois and Audio Z for creating and producing the radio ad.

Thanks also to  Blue Storm Média for creating the web videos of My Birthday as a Gift participants. An expert in corporate video, Blue Storm has produced The Lighthouse, Children and Families corporate video for several years. They offered their expertise again this year to help terminally ill children and their families.

“Major corporations are no longer the only ones who can support a cause. It’s only a question of knowing how to ask the right questions to invite people to donate within their means,” says Alain Girard, President and Executive Producer at Blue Storm Media.

We’d also like to thank  Défi Marketing, DoubleV and Vortex who created the Lighthouse’s many websites and continue to maintain them.

Finally, thank you to all our other partners who help us in whatever way they can to improve Lighthouse communications and promote the cause of Lighthouse children and families across Quebec.


Text by: Courtesy of Mélanie Dugré

Translation by: Courtesy of Anglocom