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I Gave My Birthday as a Gift: Marie-Pier Cliche and Céline Chabot’s Story

Marie-Pier Cliche's grandmother has played a central role throughout her life. It was therefore natural for her to want to mark her 75th birthday by a unique celebration.

Marie-Pier explains that her grandmother, Céline Chabot, has always been very generous to others: "She is a woman who has spent a significant part of her life helping non-profit organizations, raising money for various causes ".

It was this benevolence that prompted the young woman to organize a party like no other for her grandmother. She wanted to both celebrate her grandmother, and raise money for a cause.

It was when she saw the television adds for the "My Birthday as a Gift" campaign that Marie-Pier decided that she would collect donations for The Lighthouse Children and Families in honor of her grand-mother. "Children's causes are very dear to my grandmother and me," explains Marie-Pier.

She therefore embarked on an ambitious project: organizing a big party of more than 70 guests to honor Céline, while orchestrating a fundraiser for the Lighthouse.

Marie-Pier thought of different ways to raise money, including a special fundraising activity at her job. All the tips collected during this day were donated to the Lighthouse. "The customers were even more generous than usual," she recalls.

D-Day finally arrived and Céline spent a day she is not ready to forget. "We made her believe that we were going to a dinner show, but the show was actually for her," recalls Marie-Pier, who hosted the evening during which friends, colleagues and family were able to pay tribute to this great lady. "[Céline] was so excited when it was announced that a fundraiser had been organized in addition to her surprise party."

Following the celebration, the two women, who live in Beauce, came to Montreal to visit the Lighthouse and donate $ 1,328. A moment that deeply touched them. "I found a great team at the Lighthouse. I was also impressed by the generosity of the volunteers who give some of their time to the children," says Marie-Pier.

If this fundraising experience was a first for Marie-Pier, she says she will follow her grandmother's footsteps and continue to give to others.