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How Planned giving Inspired Isabelle

My name is Isabelle, but my friends and family call me the globetrotter. Recently, I was inspired by a great act of humanity for the Lighthouse, Children and Families.

I am now 45 and have been an elementary teacher for over 20 years. Although I don’t have any myself, I am surrounded by children whose curiosity and appetite for life inspires me every day. As their teacher, I witness first hand their victories, challenges, joy and sadness. I am always impressed by their courage and strength, even though life is hard for some of them.

A few years ago, I understood the true meaning of resiliency when I met a second grader who was in my colleague Sylvie’s class. Madeleine was born with a degenerative illness that severely limited some of her capacities, but she went to regular school nonetheless. At times however, she went to the Lighthouse, Children and Families for respite care, which is why Sylvie organized a fundraiser for the centre. Madeleine’s father came to our school to tell us about the Lighthouse’s approach to paediatric palliative care and what it meant to their family. Although I have been making a yearly donation ever since, I always felt that I wanted to do more for them, without however giving up my travels.

After my mother’s husband died suddenly last spring, she decided that is was time for her to sort out her paperwork. Knowing how much the Lighthouse means to me, she came to visit Maison André-Gratton, where she was also deeply moved by all the efforts made to help terminally sick children and their families. A few days later, she told me that she had contacted her notary to make a legacy gift on behalf of the Lighthouse, Children and Families. I was surprised yet extremely touched by her generosity. Most of all, my mother made me realize that I can also help the Lighthouse, Children and Families provide the best of care for many years to come, which is why I too contacted my notary to discuss planned giving.

Text by: Courtesy of Mélanie Dugré

Translation by: Courtesy of Bernadette Blain