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To help is to know how to give

Nowadays, the generosity of Quebecquers is prominent. We are often approached and many of us give our physical as well as financial support to various causes. However, when it comes to making a monetary donation, do you know where your money goes and to whom?

Choosing the organization carefully

In order to help Canadians make informed choices about the organizations that they financially support, Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) posted a video clip explaining the recommended steps to take before making a donation. Featuring a young man eager to raise funds for an organization participating in a fundraising race, he then asks his grandfather for a donation. Happy to support his grandson, he still questions him about the operation and background of the charity. Given the lack of information he provides, the grandfather shows his grandson one of the tools developed by the CRA to inform donors. It is a web page to search and verify charity listings:

Important elements to verify:

With the CRA web tool, it is now easier for donors to have access to relevant information about the organizations to which they contribute, including:

  • the registration of a Canadian charity and its legitimacy to issue official donation receipts;
  • the organization’s contact details and website;
  • the organization’s declaration of information of the registered charity, commonly known as the T30, which shows its activities and how their raised funds are used;
  • previous declarations of the organization, to better understand their management guidelines;
  • if the organization has received a sanction in the past, etc.

In conclusion, as mentioned by the wise grandfather in the video about the donations we give: “We always have the last word.”

Why choose The Lighthouse?

For those who have followed Canada Revenue Agency’s good recommendation in the capsule video, you’ll have noticed that The Lighthouse Children and Families show an excellent track record, demonstrating a well-managed organization. In the same vein and for the sake of transparency, The Lighthouse has also highlighted on its website a tab explaining how donations are used. However, beyond the accounting aspects, one of the best arguments to support the Lighthouse is its mission through its uniqueness! 

In fact, The Lighthouse Children and Families is the only organization in Quebec that provides pediatric palliative care. For seriously ill children, it is a place that is fun, comforting, adapted to their needs, allowing them to develop with games and workshops despite their disease. For families, it is – as its name implies – a lighthouse that tells them that light is not far away. When daily struggle with a demanding disease becomes too energy-consuming, The Lighthouse is here to provide resources, quality care, and support. If a unique place such as the Lighthouse calls you and sparks your interest, we always welcome your financial support, whether through our fall mailing campaign or by directly donating through our website. Moreover, donations made before December 31st of this year will be tax deductible for the 2014 tax year.

As we are approach the holiday season, joy and generosity, please give your support to a place where, every day, small miracles that touch the fundamentals of human lives and help the lives of sick children and their families! 

Editorial courtesy of Julie Perreault, volunteer writer for The Lighthouse Children and Families

Translation courtesy of Charlene Lee, volunteer translator for The Lighthouse Children and Families