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A Few Snapshots of Our Children’s Summer

At The Lighthouse Children and Families, we have a dynamic team of educators that make sure our children have the most memorable experience. Thanks to our generous donors, our facilities are very well equipped to treat our guests like kings: spacious and well-lit rooms, heated pool, play room, multisensory room, music room, and a big garden where we have loads of activities during the summer… which we enjoy to the fullest!

Fall is just a few days away, so here are a few pictures to remember the great summer we spent with the children, who deserve these magical moments more than anything else.

Music that awakens our senses and fills our heart with joy         


Furry guests


Fun and diversified outings


Arts and crafts on rainy days


Horse drawn carriage ride


Birthdays and anniversary celebrations


Time to relax


Simple pleasures of life

Text by: The Lighthouse Children and Families

Translation by: Courtesy of Bernadette Blain, volunteer at The Lighthouse Children and Families