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A Family Workshop All About Movement

On Sunday, October 29th, 2017, The Lighthouse Children and Families hosted an introductory dance and Feldenkrais method workshop, providing participants with an enriching bonding experience through the exploration of bodies in motion.

Under the guidance of France Geoffroy (instructor and artistic director at Corpuscule Dance), Stéphanie Léger (accompanist) and Elise Hardy (dance and somatic education instructor), parents learned new skills and experienced firsthand the benefits of adapted physical activity for their children.

Specializing in clients with particular needs, Corpuscule Dance presented a fun and simple dance program, adaptable to everyone’s abilities.

In part one of the workshop, kids and parents explored mobility, space, rhythm, contact and touch. This section concluded with a short group choreography.

Part two of the workshop focused on initiating participants to the Feldenkrais method, a somatic educational method which emphasizes awareness of the body’s sensations and uses movement to enhance functioning. This method was presented to provide parents with tools to get their kids moving, in a slow and gentle way that respects each child’s physical capabilities.

A huge thank you to France, Stéphanie and Élise for this instructive and rewarding workshop.

Elodie Buob - Substitute Specialized Educator (Educ-Anim)