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A Family Pet Therapy Workshop at The Lighthouse

Sylvain Gonthier, zootherapist, shared his knowledge and expertise with some parents of the children of The Lighthouse during an introductory workshop on pet therapy. The workshop aimed to present the zootherapeutic approach to families and to show what can be sought and stimulated through the presence of animals.

With the help of his companion Bemol, who is half-poodle, half-bichon, and the exceptional presence of Marguerite and Wilson, dwarf rabbits, Sylvain explained concepts related to the therapeutic practice with animals and supervised activities with children, parents and siblings.

All participants were able to interact with the animals. The zooperapeutic approach can have several benefits from sensory or recreational stimulation to calming and comfort.

Sylvain gave some "tips and tricks" about pets, but also reminded the participants that zootherapy animals must be educated for such a purpose. He explained that depending on what is sought through pet therapy, it is always better to work with professional and certified zootherapists.

The activity generated a lot of interest and enthusiasm; there were some nice exchanges. This workshop inspired parents on how to create a fun, pleasant time in the presence of an animal.

Communication and connection between the child, the family, the siblings and the animal were at the heart of this workshop.

Elodie Buob
Education and Animation Team