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A Caregiver – A Roc To Stand Through The Strom

The Lighthouse Children and Families offers pediatric palliative care to children with life-shorting diseases, as well as services to family members throughout their trajectory, each step of the way, dovetailing to bereavement support. 

The face the storm of loosing a child, a family can count on the unwavering support of the Lighthouse team. Volunteers and professionals work hand in hand to accompany families and to personalise gestures that have become the signature of the Lighthouse. 

Yet, nothing compares to the strong support of family and friends when one is struggling. The kind attention of dear ones makes for the strongest roc to stand on through a storm. The Lighthouse wishes to share in the sensitivity of the community by underlining how important caregivers are in the daily lives of children and families.  November 4 to 10 is National Caregiver’s Week. It’s the ideal moment to appreciate the national strategy put forward by the Regroupement des Aidants Naturels du Quebec (RANQ), to empower and support caregivers, these indispensable allies for a fair province. 

Supporting children and family members, The Lighthouse’s team is well positioned to see the crucial role of caregivers in their lives. Whether it’s an individual, a small group of people or a network of friends, each family benefiting from support of caregivers stands a little stronger through the storm thanks to them. Some caregivers can be particularly creative in bringing sick children to enjoy magical moments of fun and games – the Lighthouse team sees some of these moments as caregivers sometimes connect with the Lighthouse community to make things brighter.  As they know families better than most people, caregivers are pillars of the strong, compassionate community of the Lighthouse. 

A single week is a very short time to celebrate everything that caregivers represent for children and families at the Lighthouse. Until November 10, each day is “thank you” day!