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An Amazing Performer

An exceptional performing artist – Diva Zaza – leaves no one unmoved. She comes from the fairytale world of the circus and her monthly concerts have been captivating the Lighthouse children for the past 3 years. She applies her talent as a professional singer to bring children on a voyage of discovery, exploring sounds and music from around the world jazzed up with a variety of ethnic influences. During a fleeting moment, she showers them with a sprinkling of enchantment in a festival of sounds and movements.

Diva Zaza explains that each concert is unique. Before the show, she strives to capture the audience’s mood, to sense their energy in order to adapt her performance in response to their needs and reactions. At times, an over-abundance of stimulation may have an unsettling effect on the children but Diva Zaza is quick to adjust the pace, restoring a calm and gentle tone. Adapting her performance to the needs of her tiny spectators remains her priority.

In the minutes preceding the show, the atmosphere is charged with anticipation and excitement as the audience is seated while Diva Zaza tunes her instruments. She gently launches the first few notes and the magic begins. With her billowing mauve skirt rustling to the rhythm of her steps, her colorful make-up and her pompom tuque, Diva Zaza casts her spell with a touching performance that fills the room with vivid, powerful emotions. Her efforts are soon rewarded as faces light up and bright smiles appear.

Even the wind and the cold cannot compete with Diva Zaza’s charms as she chases away the shadows and ushers in a symphony of sunshine and sound that reaches every corner of the Lighthouse dining-room turned concert-hall. Hands clap and heads nod in time to the music. Diva Zaza is surrounded by smiling faces and hearts filled with joy. Right there, in the middle of the room ablaze with a kind of luminous energy, sits a little girl whose T-shirt captures the spirit of the moment: “I love life”.


Written by: Mélanie Dugré, Collaborator for the Written Press and Volunteer at the Lighthouse

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