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The Lighthouse Celebrates World Hospice and Palliative Care Day

The Lighthouse Children and Families is an established renowned resource in personalized pediatric palliative care at the community level in Quebec.  The role was consolidated in 2007 with the opening of The Lighthouse’s Maison André-Gratton to offer children suffering from a life-shortening disease, as well as their families, personalized care and services. Building on its 20 years of experience, The Lighthouse continues its mission to extend the scope of its expertise by consolidating best practices in the field.

On World Hospice and Palliative Care Day, The Lighthouse wishes to highlight the expertise of its interdisciplinary team, which works passionately every day to ensure personalized care and services for every family. 

Unlike palliative care for adults, pediatric palliative care begins with a diagnosis of a life-threatening disease and is provided in parallel with curative care. Palliative care concerns the child and his family, since they are not independent of parents and siblings. At The Lighthouse, these treatment processes include respite services, symptoms management care, end of life care and then, bereavement support for the family. 

The Lighthouse’s children are first and foremost children who need to have fun and live life to the fullest. The team ensures an authentic presence to the family and considers the child beyond his illness, in a caring and non-judgmental way. Each child at The Lighthouse is thus followed according to his health requirements, personality and interests. 

For a child, a stay at The Lighthouse is synonymous of stimulating and relaxing activities adapted to his current physical and mental state. By adapting to the child's condition, The Lighthouse team members accompany them towards well-being through play, discovery and creation.   

Parents can enjoy a period of rest while being confident that their child is being treated with care and love by The Lighthouse's experienced multidisciplinary team, which aims to soften their daily lives. The families are also accompanied at the end-of-life stage and receive additional advice and support in order to welcome the loss and transform it into inner strength. 

The Lighthouse is privileged to have a dedicated, professional and qualified team.  The three words to describe the feelings of employees when they exercise their profession are proud, useful and happy. This reinforces that The Lighthouse allows healthcare professionals to flourish in addition to supporting nearly 300 families per year. An honour for Quebec's first pediatric palliative care hospice.