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Accredited by the ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux, Maison André-Gratton is the first pediatric care centre in Quebec. We accommodate up to 12 children at once in our caring and warm environment.

Tour Guide of Maison André-Gratton

A Dedicated Interdisciplinary Team

Our medical and psychosocial team includes physicians (on duty 24/7), nurses (on site 24/7), liaison nurses, attendants, social workers, family coordinators and psychologists (as needed). Our support staff and qualified volunteers also provide different activities that are adapted to the children’s physical and intellectual needs. The team includes pet therapists, music therapists and Dr Clown’s activity leaders.

Caring Environment

The organization provides a caring and safe environment that is adapted to the needs of children and their families. It is just like being at home: meals are served in a dining room and the living room overlooks a backyard where children can play when the weather is nice. The bathroom and bedrooms are comfortable, well equipped and very relaxing. As for activities, there is a heated pool, Snœzelen multi-sensory room, arts and crafts room, music room and playroom for the younger ones. There are also to suites for families who wish to stay on site with their children.

We ask families to stay with their children for the first 24 hours every time they are admitted at Maison André-Gratton to assess their needs, provide the best quality of care and make them feel right at home.

Types of Stay

Regular Respite

planned stays – up to 30 days a year.

Psychosocial Emergencies

family crisis or unexpected events – variable length.

Transition Services

children may be referred by the hospital once they are discharged from the acute care unit to adapt to their new situation. For this type of stay, a parent accompanies the child – variable length.

Symptom Management

once the advance care planning is complete, the organization provides any necessary care to children up to the end of their life – unlimited stays.


children can stay at Maison André-Gratton as an alternative to the hospital or their own home. They are cared for by a team of fully qualified professionals up to the end of their life – unlimited stays.