Here are a few answers to frequently asked questions. For any further information, please contact us at 514-954-4848.

General Questions

General questions regarding services, rules and regulations, and the staff working at the Lighthouse, Children and Families.

What type of services does the organization provide? 

The Lighthouse, Children and Families provides three types of services:
1. In-home respite care
2. Respite care at Maison André-Gratton 
3. Family support

What is the age limit for children to be eligible?

Children must be under 18.

For which type of children are these services intended?

Children under 18 with a life threatening illness who require complex care on a daily basis.

Where is Maison André-Gratton?

Maison André-Gratton and the Lighthouse, Children and Families are established in a residential neighborhood, Rosemont, in Montréal. Click here to locate the facilities on a map.

How can I apply for your services?

You can contact the liaison nurse directly at 514 787-8801 and she will gladly help you fill out the application form. To help us plan your child’s stay, we will ask you to provide a recent medical record and sign a consent form. You can also ask your social worker or a member of the medical team to contact the liaison nurse on your behalf.

Are these services free of charge?

Yes! Our services are free of charge. However, parents are asked to supply diapers and any specific food that their child requires, although Maison André-Gratton provides meals otherwise. Family members can also have their meals on site during their child’s stay at a cost of 5,00$. We invite them to make reservations.
P.s.- Please donate to help us keep these services free of charge!

What is the difference between Maison André-Gratton and the Lighthouse, Children and Families?

Among its many services, the Lighthouse, Children and Families provides respite care at Maison André-Gratton. In other words, the former operates the latter.

How long can a sick child stay at Maison André-Gratton?

Generally children are admitted for up to 30 nights a year, emergency admissions depend on availability and transitional stays are limited to 7 nights. Children who are admitted at the end of their life can stay as long as needed.

I don’t live in Montreal, but my child is very sick. How can the Lighthouse help me? 

Maison André-Gratton provides services to all Quebec residents. In-home respite care is available in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, Montérégie, Laurentides, Québec, Chaudière-Appalaches and Saguenay.

Is Maison André-Gratton like a hospital? 

Because of the services it offers, Maison André-Gratton is like a hospital but most of all, it is a warm and caring environment where children’s life and capacities are celebrated. For more information on this unique facility, the following link will take you on a virtual tour of Maison André-Gratton

I have other questions...

Great! You can email us at

Questions Relating to Healthcare Professionals, Students and Interns

I would like to work for the Lighthouse as a nurse, orderly or licensed practical nurse. Who should I contact?

Candidates can apply by specifying which position they would like and sending their CV to The Human Resources Department will contact you if your application meets the profile needed.

I would like to work at the Lighthouse as a physician. Who should I contact?

For any questions, you can contact Dr. Jacques Ramsay, Medical Director, by telephone at 514 787-4007 or by email at

I would like to complete an internship or volunteer at the Lighthouse. Who should I contact?

For any questions, you can contact the volunteer coordinator by telephone at 514 787-8817 or by email at

I have other questions...

Great! You can email us at