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The "éTOILES du Phare" 2018

Art and artistic practice have an important place in the daily lives of children of the Lighthouse, which allows them to exploit their potential despite the constraints and restrictions of their disease.

Once again this year, the “éTOILES du Phare” project has brought magical moments, filled with laughter and sensitivity, to the Lighthouse's children and falls within the Lighthouse's motto: to live life to the fullest.

Fourteen artists came to the Lighthouse to put their talent to work and create beautiful works of art. They gave children the chance to experiment with different stimulating techniques, such as enamel on copper, dripping, blacklight painting, etc. All were able to reveal their inner artist and give free rein to their talent.

While respecting the artist's approach, the Lighthouse animation team supported them in their intervention with children, according to their abilities and interests.

Here is a video that presents some of these precious moments of complicity between the artists and the children of the Lighthouse.

The Lighthouse team is thrilled to be able to count on the generous collaboration of participating artists and artisans, volunteers and the team that made the video.